Course info

In Digital Art and Design, students will be introduced to several topics during their first year, including: Graphic Design, Technical and Residential Drafting, 3D Modeling and Animation, Web Design and Computer Programming. During the second year, students are given more specialized training and practice in the field of their choosing.

The Digital Art and Design curriculum is designed to give students the opportunity to learn and practice skills on software used within the above-mentioned industries. The majority of class time is spent in a lab setting working on the computer. Each topic is taught through a series of carefully chosen tutorials to learn necessary skills within the software packages. After several skills have been learned, students will complete an original and creative project while utilizing these new abilities.

As a second year student, the tutorials become more focused and the projects become more involved. When available, students will be assigned real-world projects where they must interact with a customer. There are typically opportunities to enter various competitions as well. By the end of their time in Digital Art and Design, students will have created online portfolios that showcase their talents.