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If you are considering a career in the veterinary science or animal related field, this program is perfect for you!Our program is designed to teach entry level skills to students interested in pursuing a career working with animals.Students will learn through hands on experiences, traditional classroom learning and job shadowing.Students will be exposed to several guest speakers and go on several fieldtrips to enhance learning.The ASVA program teaches students how to work with several species of animals, from small to large.
The program's objective is to prepare students for a variety of entry-level positions involving animals, from working in a boarding kennel to veterinary technicians.

Animal Science/Veterinary Assisting is a two-year program, and after learning the basics of working with animals in year one, during the second year, students will be out on internships the majority of the time.

Animal Science - Veterinary Assisting program
Students go on several field trips which include visiting local farms or the Vermont Large Animal Clinic, which is a special facility for horses.

The dogs used in class come in by appointment from teachers, students and the general public. They can be bathed, groomed, ears cleaned, and have their nails cut.

The class also works with local animal shelters to take in cats that need to be socialized. Students also get experience with "pocket pets” such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.

Students can earn academic High School credits in English, Math, Science, Health and Career & Financial Management which are integrated into their daily lessons.

This program is available at the Plattsburgh campus.

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