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The Allied Health year 1 program involves medical terminology level 1 and 2, resident assistant,Nursing assistant program,certified nursing assitant, CPR, First Aid and AED.

In the first year of the program students will explore the five areas of the Cluster: Building Maintenance, Carpentry/Masonry, Electrical Design and Installation, and Plumbing.

Click below to view photo galleries of the CV-TEC Modular Home Project
Interior - Siding - Roof & Eaves - Porch & Stairs - Exterior

Click here to view photos of the Mineville campus building project

A hands-on building project will give students the opportunity to participate in the building of a complete home from start to finish. In the second year of the program students will specialize in one of the five cluster areas to become a competent member of the construction industry.

 Integrated Algebra is the first mathematics course in the high school. It includes number theory, operations, variables, expressions, equations, inequalities, patterns, functions, relations, coordinate geometry, shapes, area, volume, measurement and error, working with data, trigonometric functions, and probability.

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